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Employer Information

MILG Transport
P.O. Box 1605
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: 540-605-1378
Fax: 888-574-6454
Email: info@milg-transport.com

It is the policy of MILG Transport to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to any legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.


Applicant Information


Emergency Contact

Who should be contacted if you are involved in an emergency?


Job Position Applied For


The existence of a criminal record does not constitute an automatic bar to employment unless relevant to the type of employment.


Applicant's Skills

Check those skills that you have. Enter the number of years of experience, and rate your ability for each particular skill on a scale of 1-5 - 1 representing poor ability, 5 representing exceptional ability.


Applicant Employment History

List your current or most recent employment first. Please list all jobs (including self-employment and military service) that you have held, beginning with the most recent, and list and explain any gaps in employment.




Applicant's Education and Training



List any two non-relatives who would be willing to provide a reference for you. Include name, address, city/state/zip, telephone and relationship.



I certify that the information provided on this application is truthful and accurate. I understand providing false or misleading information will be the basis for rejection of my application, or if employment commences, immediate termination.

I authorize MILG Transport to contact former employers and educational organizations regarding my employment and education. I authorize my former employers and educational organizations to fully and freely communicate information regarding my previous employment, attendance and grades. I authorize those persons designated as references to fully and freely communicate information regarding my previous employment and education.

If any employment relationship is created, I understand that unless I am offered a specific written contract of employment signed on behalf of this organization by the president, the employment relationship will be "at-will." In other words, the relationship will be entirely voluntary in nature, and either I or my employer will be able to terminate the employment relationship at any time and without cause. With appropriate notice, I will have the full and complete discretion to end the employment relationship when I choose and for reasons of my choice. Similarly, my employer will have the right. Moreover, no agent, representative or employee of MILG Transport, except in a specific written contract of employment signed on behalf of the organization by its president, has the power to alter or vary the voluntary nature of the employment relationship.


I have carefully read the above certification, and I understand and agree to its terms.


Consent to Background and Reference Check

I hereby authorize MILG Transport (the "Company") of P.O. Box 1605, Waynesboro, VA 22980, and/or its agents to make investigation of my background, references, character, past employment, consumer reports, education and criminal history record information that may be in any state or local files, including those maintained by both public and private organizations, and all public records, for the purpose of confirming the information contained on my application and/or obtaining other information that may be material to my qualifications for employment. A telephone facsimile (fax) or xerographic copy of this consent shall be considered as valid as the original consent.

I hereby consent to the Company's verification of all the information I have provided on my application form. I also agree to execute as a condition of employment or a condition of continued employment any additional written authorization necessary for the Company to obtain access to and copies of records pertaining to this information. I also hereby authorize the Company's access to any medical histories or records pertaining to me (and any other individuals who due to my employment may be covered by any Company medical or other insurance program). With regard to the foregoing disclosures, I hereby agree to release any person, company or other entity from any and all causes of action that otherwise might arise from supplying the Company with information it may request pursuant to this release. I understand that any false answers or statements, or misrepresentations by omission, made by me on this application or any related document, will be sufficient for rejection of my application or for my immediate discharge should such falsifications or misrepresentations be discovered after I am employed.