• Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

  • Drivers Contact Recruiting at 540-605-1378 ext. 4 or email: recruiting@ milgtransport .com

  • Dry Van Lines and Refrigerated Loads


From our roots in the transportation industry, safety has been the highest priority at MILG Transport. Safety for our drivers, our customers and the motoring public will always be the primary focus in every aspect of our corporate business model.

At MILG, it is clearly understood that safety is much more than a “trendy” buzz word. It is the responsibility of everyone working for the company, regardless of job title. By placing our highest emphasis on safety, the other critical aspects of running a successful transportation company will follow.

The following principles drive MILG in our quest to becoming a leading transportation provider.

  • Safety Always
  • Our personal pledge to always deliver what we promise
  • Determination and pride
  • Honesty on every order
  • An MILG “team effort,” delivering a “can do attitude”

At MILG, we believe that our commitment to safety along with our commitment to quality is the key to maintaining corporate profitability that provides our company the opportunity to grow our resources and better serve our growing customer base. The bottom line at MILG is simple, really, a commitment to our customers to provide the most efficient and reliable transportation sources on each and every shipment.