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  • Dry Van Lines and Refrigerated Loads



Refrigerated Loads: MILG provides temperature-controlled transportation to almost any type of “temperature-sensitive” product. As a shipper, you can take comfort in the fact that your product will maintain a stable temperature from the moment it leaves your facility to the moment of off-loading at destination. MILG fully recognizes the importance of time-sensitive perishable products, and the quality of our equipment assures that we deliver what we promise.

Dry Van Loads: MILG operates a multi-fleet of dry van trailers ready to transport most any type of non-perishable products. At MILG, we recognize that dry van loads are the most common type loads, and we strive to provide the most competitive and reliable transportation that will fit your shipping needs.


The ultimate objective of any carrier is that of on-time deliveries. There’s no better measurement of character and commitment of a transportation service.


MILG Transport has since 2008 earned the business and respect of our customers, and our commitment to on-time deliveries demonstrates how good transportation services can be. We would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business.